General Questions

When Will My Campaign Start?
We typically begin your campaign within 1 to 2 days, but you may see results in as soon as a few hours.

Can I Lose Followers?
Not often, but it can happen if users unfollow you or Instagram removes inactive accounts. This is why we sometimes over-deliver and include a replacement guarantee. If you do lose followers and drop under what you paid for, we'll replace them.

Why Should I Use Your Services?
We've been well connected in the Social Media industry for over 3 years, we offer a 100% guaranteed service and constantly improve it, and our support team is here to help you through any service related concern you may have.

Will Others Know I am on a Growth Campaign?
No. We deliver real followers that will interact naturally. The only way anyone will know is if you tell them!

What Do Followers Look Like?
The service we provide encourages real and active looking followers with full profiles, posts, likes and even comments. 

​​​​​​​What Your Refund Policy? Our monthly targeted growth campaigns have a 14 day refund policy. If for some reason things aren't working out and you need a refund, please email your request to​​​​​​​