General Terms of Service
We provide you the access to use our services, as you have accepted to agree to all terms and conditions associated with our product. We agree in no compromise with our product quality, and would also recommend you to be well aware of everything before you really begin to use it.

Our Services

  • Account Management – Here you will handle everything, from a single place, and this will make things easier for you. Managing your Insta account becomes an easy process as you choose our services. With just a single click, you will be able to add on more accounts or even remove existing accounts, as you wish. With the help of our account checker, you will also be able to find out the status of your accounts, as to whether they are functioning well or not.

  1. Targeting – This service of ours, lets you reach out to your exact audience, in no time. It is just so simple and quick, that you are surely going to like it !. You can also target based on certain criteria like hashtags, the username of followers and even target based on crucial data like the location of the required user.

  2. Actions – With us, you will be able to a number of important activities on your Insta account with ease. The various actions that you get to do here include likes, comments, media posts, follow and unfollow. You can now track your account, as well as the way your competitor’s accounts function, and in this way, you will be able to spot out the differences, and changes that need to be implemented on your account, for better performance.

  3. Filters – You can use our filters to have a better-optimized account, that caters to your needs. This will help you to keep your account simple and clear. The various filter options we provide are for the number of likes, comments, followers of users, followings of users, number of media posts in one account and so on.

  4. BlackList – These refer to those specific people or users, whom you don’t trust, agree or accept.= to be followed or follow. So we provide you with blacklist services, which help you to maintain account privacy, and also to keep your account data, safe and confidential. You can choose to blacklist with particular hashtags, usernames or location.

  5. Campaign – We have a wide range of products that help you to target specifically those users whom you want to keep track of. We provide you options to follow, like and comment. This feature will let you target people with ease.

So, these are the services we have, to offer you with. You can choose to use any or all of these, by contacting us. We always believe in keeping our customers happy and safe. Quality is what we assure you of, while you choose to use our services, and we never compromise on that as well.


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